We All Need to Account

It’s easy to use whatever bad shit that happened to us as a reason for being an asshole.

”I’m a shitty parent because my parents were.”

”I’m abusive in my relationships because that is what I know.”

I miss the drama, I do. The problem is I’m getting a little bit better each day. Some days I have set backs, but even on those days it’s a little bit better.

I would like to think if there’s a God, then he had a hand. If I think that then I have to ask why I had this hand to start with.

If we are all created in his image what the fuck is wrong with this dude? Why is everyone following him?

i would ask my super dogmatic MIL but she would have to put down the Bible and tell me why he kids talk about how she tried to poison their dad, try to kill herself, or why she chased him around trying to kill him with a knife.

I could ask that but have no energy for the run around.

She is not accountable.

Neither am I most of the time if I can avoid my shit.

But I need to account. Everything I’ve done maters.

Everything I haven’t maters also.


We need to account for who we are.


Make America Great Again

What the fuck does that mean? When was America great? I’m not asking this for the sake of argument. I want to know the very moment that Trump and Doc went back in time in the fucking time machine car and established when America was “great”. Or when someone could answer that question without being a cliched Trump supporter.

Kids are dying in cages. So WW2 when we put Japanese in camps similar to Hitler.

Super Great.

A woman in Alabama got charged for the homicide of her unborn baby. Granted the charges were dropped, and she started the fight from what’s been reported.

Great Again.

Climate change is fake fucking news!!!! Mexico had a few feet of snow this summer. Shit (literally shit) caught fire because it’s so hot across the pond they had a major fucking wildfire. Midwest in America had record amount of tornadoes.

But our wonderfully shit president (Trump) says it’s fake news and MAGA.

Okay guys, we can’t figure out when America was great. Not exactly sure if it’s ever been. Jamestown?


Assholes in government that work for us? Here’s my advice: MAGA!!!!

If America was truly ever great it was when “we” whoever writes history says we left Europe to escape religious persecution. It was when we fought to end slavery.  It was when it was legal to marry someone of the same sex, (you states will legal incest laws know what I’m talking about)

Can we please cut the shit? Government is running off of kickbacks and bullshit. How else do you explain our current state of fuckery?

Can we please MAGA and get back to fixing our mistakes.

I think if we start with getting this Hitler wannabe out of the White House we have a chance.

And if abortions are going to be illegal, whats up with the little blue pill?

I thought the bible was more than old crusty white dudes that can’t get it up without drug?

Asking for a friend.






I Prefer Uppers Not Downers

I think this is the dawn of where we’re at in society.

“I prefer uppers not downers” was said to me by someone close to an overdose. She was taking pain killers, Xanax and Valium.

I literally prefer uppers so haven’t ever taken those 3 amigos together at once.

I’ve broken bones and pain killers were obviously necessary.

My shrink is well informed of my drinking so the rest are out of the picture.

“My doctor loves me. He gives me all these things”

Yea he helped your addiction and is making money.

She says she’s never done street drugs.

This is your addiction and privilege reasoning with you.

This is you telling yourself you don’t have a real problem because the good doctor gave them to you.

Not the dope man on the corner.

If your fantasy land was reality you would know the “dope man on the corner” is just some dude selling drugs for whatever reason.

You would know you have a dope man. You just call him Doctor.

“They help my anxiety”

What’s the first rule of bullshit?

Don’t bullshit a bullshitter.

What are we teaching our children?

What did we learn from our parents?

Who are we?